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The Mississippi Delta is a culture, a way of life, a lifestyle. MS Delta Creations is the creative division of MS Delta, Ducks, Deer and Farmland Properties, Inc. in conjunction with Wixon Farms, LLC and its manager, William Wixon. Under William’s direction our task is to “bottle” and market the Delta, much like capturing a rainbow or a Delta sunrise. The Corps of Engineers battles to channel and control her rivers. The Southern Studies Department at Ole Miss has tried to reduce the Delta to words, to a course. Experts in Blues, Agriculture, Sociology, and assorted disciplines have endeavored to understand the region. They can’t even seem to agree on where the famed Blues Legend, Robert Johnson, is buried.

The vast supplies of water irrigate crops and provide recreational opportunities while also giving rise to floods, mosquitoes and water moccasins. The rich soils have created vast wealth and crippling poverty. Churches are on every corner with well-worn pews filled on Sundays while restaurants have booths with curtains from the days of prohibition. On a given weekend the pews and booths were occupied by the same patrons. The Delta is as culturally rich as the alluvial soils and yet, is at the same time, a lifestyle of contradictions.

With MS Delta Farmland, we learned many years ago that investors are often as interested in the history of a farm as they are with the rate of return. The more colorful the families that owned the land, the more interesting the potential investment. One international investor purchased a farm as much because it was on the map by name as for its highly improved and productive cropland. When we give tours of the MS Delta Ducks hunting areas to prospective hunt groups, they are often as intrigued by the site of Robert Johnson’s grave, the Ode to Billy Joe Tallahatchie River, B. B. King’s birthplace, and the store where the Emmett Till saga began as they are the fields and timber that will be flooded and filled with wintering waterfowl for their hunting pleasure.

William and Bobby are busy trying to capture and communicate the Delta for all the divisions of MS Delta, Ducks, Deer and Farmland Properties, Inc. Their creative and marketing efforts are aimed to inform and excite you about all things that make up the Delta Lifestyle. Like the muddy waters of her rivers, the Delta often seems to be moving lazily along while under the surface the strong current ushers in the new waters of change. So whether you’re looking to Invest in the Delta through MS Delta Farmland, Hunt the Delta with MS Delta Ducks & Deer, Explore the Delta through a Delta Adventure’s package, or express your Delta identity by wearing the Hunt the Delta lifestyle brand, our guys are hard at work attempting to capture the rainbow or a Delta sunrise. Born and bred Delta boys, William and Bobby, know that the pleasure is in the journey. Come join them and Hunt, Invest, Explore, Wear the Delta!


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